Redis event store


I’m wondering what is the status of the Redis event store in Axon 2.0 as I’d very much like to use it. If I may, it might be a good idea to use the abstraction spring-data provides, instead of using Jedis directly. In any event, I’d be glad to help implement this.

Thank you,

Hi Nicolas,

The Redis Event store was a spike I did to compare its speed with e.g. relational databases. The problem is that Redis isn’t really meant to persist information for a long time. They describe themselves as a sort of cache or short-term storage. One would still need another storage mechanism for the long term.

That’s why I have decided not to give it priority at the moment. However, if you are able and willing to help, that is most welcome. Just let me know what you need.



Hi Allard,

I agree with you on the fact that Redis is not necessarily adapted to store information for a long time, at least not as much as a classic RDBMS. Despite that, I’ve seen many successful projects use Redis as their primary data store. In my opinion, problems only happen when storing a very large quantity of data, to the point where it cannot fit in memory; alas, Redis has no solution beyond that point. Nevertheless, I’d see it as a good fit for an event store, at least when not dealing with a very large quantity of data. At one point, sharding between Redis instances may be easy to implement, if and only if you restrict an aggregate root to one instance.

I won’t have time to implement this in the near future but I probably will in the long run, if only to see if it is feasible.

Thank you for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated,