Reactive Drivers for event store?

Any Plan of using reactive drivers (r2dbc) in event store implementations?

If so i will be willing to work and raise PR?


Our reactor extension is about to be released.
We will put all reactive features into this extension until we decide that reactive API should be the default API for Axon Framework.

We did plan adding r2dbc driver for token store & query’s. Although not an event store yet. That would be a great contribution if you are willing to work on it?

Thanks for responding stefan.

Do we have any dev channel for me to get started?

Are we planning to put all the reactor code in new reactor module?


We can set up a Google Meet call next week, to have an overview of the scope of this ticket, and we can align rest of the steps then.

Sounds good?


It does

I have scheduled the meeting for next week. Please prepare a proposal for implementation & ideas, check what would be the impact on interfaces in order to propagate the reactive stream end-to-end.
We will discuss these points at the next meeting. See you soon.