Questions about Axon Server

Hi all,

I have a couple of questions regarding Axon server that I have not been able to answer by reading the docs.


  1. Is it production worthy? or I need the licensed version to get the version that is production worthy
  2. Can I run applications without Axon server? if so, what are the steps to doing this?


Hi Finlay,

the AxonServer standard edition can run production workloads. It is, however, a single node, so you availability depends on that one node. Also, AxonServer uses memory mapped files, which means that a transaction may be acknowledged to the client, but when the application files after that, the changes might not have been persisted yet. If those restrictions work for you, you won’t need the licensed version.

AxonFramework doesn’t need AxonServer. If you use the Spring Boot Starter, then you can exclude the axonserver-connector dependency.