Projection reply best practice

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We are implementing CQRS-ES application using axon and spring boot. From time to time we need to change the projections. Once it’s done it’s required to reply the projections. Because of our business, based on complex excel files, projection reply takes hours. We would like to avoid the application downtime. Please help me answer some of the following questions.
What’s the best solution for that problem? Should we extract projections to another microservice and try to implement blue green deployment? How can we “switch” communication to new projection once it’s replied? Is there any easier solution? Any examples?

It seems to be related with!searchin/axonframework/projection$20zero$20downtime$20deployment|sort:date/axonframework/PBDzalEIUEs/KDDUMbmSEgAJ

AxonServer doesn’t have anything specific to support rolling upgrades, yet. We do have some plans to implement it, for example by not routing queries to nodes that are still catching up.

Anything new in that context?


Hi Rafal,

we haven’t built any specific features for this, yet. They are still on the roadmap, although we don’t expect this to be included in the next release either. There is a reasonable chance these features will make it in a release scheduled for the end of 2020.

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Allard Buijze