Problem when multiple processors listening to the same Kafka topic

I created two processor groups to listen to the same Kafka topic, and one ordinary processor to listen to all events. The two Kafka processors are configured to be in different Kafka consumer group. The topic has only one partition. I am seeing all three processors are receiving event as expected. But I am running this weird situation that most of the time, these processors will receive the same event again and again, thus they go into a infinite loop. There must be a threading issue in the tracking event processor. I am looking for a direction/hint to look for the reason. I think this is a bug in Axon itself.


Are you able to share some code, or at least provide more info.
As I understand

  • you have one topic with one partition - you are fine with the ordering of the events. cool.

I’m not sure about Kafka groups. They are very nice mechanism to achieve pub-sub within Kafka.
Do you have this two groups defined in one application (virtual machine)? Usually in some microservices architecture you would have one Kafka group per service, so I dont understand why would you need two groups in one service/application.


Thanks for the reply. I just figured out the problem. It is in my own code. Sorry for the trouble.