PERMISSION_DENIED: Invalid token for io.axoniq.axonserver.grpc.event.EventStore/GetFirstToken

I have some errors when using axon cloud.

my log :

I am new to using Axon Server and it’s quite unfamiliar to me. I have been trying to troubleshoot the issue but there is limited information available. Could you please help me? Thank you.

Hi Thanh Vũ,
you receive a PERMISSION DENIED when your application tries to connect to your context using the wrong token.
Please ensure that you have created a context named axon-server in your workspace named axon-server , and you have a valid application binding for this context. After the creation of the application bindings, you will receive the generated application token. Please do not share this token, otherwise others can grant access to your event store.
I suggest following the getting started guide at