Performance Event Processor : Tracking vs streaming

Hi guys,

Which event processor perform better with a large of load (2 million event to publish a day) between tracking vs streaming event processor

Just to clarify, we tend to call them differently.
We have Subscribing vs Streaming and two implementations for Streaming: PooledStreamingEventProcessor and TrackingEventProcessor. I am answering your question as if you are asking which implementation of the Streaming Event Processor is the best.

Luckily, @Steven_van_Beelen has written a very nice piece of literature around Event Processors.

The updated ref guide will give you plenty of information, including the main differences between them.
Specially the thread-configuration section, very important to understand the pros and cons about each of them.

It’s very hard to tell you which one is better without knowing the project and how you are going to use it. But, in general, I would argue that the PooledStreamingEventProcessor is the best with regards to performance.

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