Open tracing Axon

Hi guys ! I recently add this dependency : axon-tracing-spring-boot-starter in my project.
Work good, but I got a question… I don’t see the tag AGGREGATE_ID in any command i send to command bus. I’m using Jaeger for the representation. I saw in the documentation of Axon that is possible to get AGGREGATE_ID in command tags but is not working :frowning:

I send an image to validate my point.

Any ideas why ?

Hi @Dominic_Dubreuil1 ,

Checking the docs here, it gives you some hints about it.
But most important one is on the javadoc of that property, which states:

*Tag referring to the {@link org.axonframework.messaging.Message} aggregate identifier. Note that this could only
*be available for {@link org.axonframework.eventhandling.DomainEventMessage} instances.

Long story short, only a DomainEventMessage will contains an AggregateId that could be extracted and added to the tracing.

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