Open source license for Axon Server

Hi all,

I’m a little unclear about the licensing for Axon Server.

In a recent post (Axon 4 Future), Steven van Beelen said

Additionally, note that Axon Server also has an open-source implementation (albeit with some limitations).

The Axon product overview also says

The programming model is provided by the popular Axon Framework while Axon Server is the infrastructure part of Axon, all open sourced.

While I understand there are two editions (Standard and Enterprise), I’m not able to find the source code for Axon Server anywhere, even for Standard features.


Ah, I just realised the AxonIQ Open Source License v1.0 is included in the .jar file and Docker images.


Hi Matt,

Happy to note you’ve figured this out already!
If you have any future or further questions regarding Axon Server and it’s licensing, note that you can always contact AxonIQ directly as well.
We do monitor this board, but an email will be handled quicker and by more employees.