Old bug in DefaultEventEntryStore still there

Well, I don’t know if I call it a bug or a bad design, sorry my badmouthing…

In the DefaultEventEntryStore we can pass our own schema


In Axon 3 you can pass in your own schema. Check out the JdbcEventStorageEngine constructors and EventSchema class.


Something that bothered me in 2.x was that one needed to extract the ddl from a Java class in order to create the tables. Axon should just provide scripts in a text file plain and easy somewhere. The ability to customise the table names is neat but why really? You can always alias or synonym the tables afterwards. Note that this has nothing to do with auto-creating the tables, this is still a nice feature. But the ddl should be more easily accessible.

(On mobile and before first coffee so apologies if above sounds incoherent)