NoSql Mongo Alternative

What do I need to do in order to manage tracking tokens correctly if I need to use another NoSql database for view projections? I am finding that it will be very difficult to get approval to use mongo in our environment. I could possibly use postgres and maybe with it’s support of JSON I can also skip the complexity of the ORM.

What are people’s thoughts on this topic?



Hi Troy,

Using PostgreSQL’s way of dealing with the JSONB type is quite helpful I must say; have been using it at clients for some time now.
What I have also done in the past is having the Query Model be a serialized JSON, stored in a String with some added identifiers for simple queries, and keep that in any RDBMS really (I believe I used MySQL at the time).

A part from that though, I have also with relative ease made PoC’s in the past where I used ElasticSearch or Neo4J as the Query Model, whilst the TokenStore was still maintained through the JpaTokenStore.
Any how, it’s doable, but I understand you’d like to keep the tokens closer to the NoSql solution you’re going for.

That’s my 2 cents to the situation.


Thanks for your thoughts on this matter. I think I lean toward postgres and jsonb.