NoHandlerForCommandException(No Handler for command):

Hi Team:

I have two microservices. I have an orchestrated saga (process manager) in microservice 1 that sends the new command on the commandbus. I have the commandhandler in microservice 2. I am trying the principles that microservices do not share anything. Instead of having a core API, I am replicating the command object in both code bases. Microservice 1 tells gives me the “no handler for command” exception. It is clear that it is because it is looking to handle that command in that package and not the command name perse. If a team wanted to not share a core api, how could both teams handle this without coupling the microservices to a core api? It works fine if I have a shared library which what I would like to find out how to avoid with axon if that was the architectural decision.

Hi Carlos,

For now it’s important if you copy them, they live in the same package. We do want to make this more explicitly configurable in Axon Framework 5.

Thank you Gerard! This clarifies that for me.