Nodejs to capture events for updating other systems

I have events published from axon to a fanout exchange in rabbitmq. I have a listener to update the read store (neo4j) but I have also have other stores like elasticsearch that need to be updated to provide searching.

I am thinking to use a nodejs server to listen to one of the other queues and update elasticsearch. The event that I received from axon is of the following structure.

$342c42ff-582d-4e3c-bb97-b6b5e71788b62015-04-24T16:52:30.964+01:00$[<>384eb99e-47ee-89e9-ffff-4929279dcf8cxxx Everattxxx.comNotes for the group4sdadasdatrue38e3facf-99f2-4080-b862-3ac366b35afc</>

Clearly I am interested in serializedpayload but why am I getting invalid structure from the event?

The default AMQPMessageConverter, which is used to create and read the AMQP messages, uses a binary format for the messages. See
You can customize the structure of your AMQP messages if you require other applications to be able to easily read it. One way is to serialize the entire EventMessage instead.