MySQL/PostgreSQL as an Event Store with bilions events - production examples

Hello everyone,

Do you know any production example of MySQL/PostgreSQL as an Event Store for Axon with bilions of events in it? Is performance acceptable?

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Hi Jacek,

we have had quite a few conversations with one specific company where they have billions of Events in a Percona distribution of MySQL. They have had quite a few challenges to make it working, including having some Percona engineers over to help them tune database settings. It works, but I’ve been told the solution is fragile and will probably not cope with the increasing ingest volumes that they face. They don’t want to purge the data either, as it contains valuable information.

Note that this is one of the reasons why AxonIQ (the company behind AxonFramework) has built AxonServer, which is designed to address these problems. AxonServer’s performance is independent of stored volume, and it can easily store billions of events.