MongoDB event store and AMQP command/event bus


I am wondering what the status of the Mongo event store as well as the
AMQP command/event bus is. I want to use Axon with Mongo and RabbitMQ
and am more than willing to help to implement these new features or
help make them more mature.

Thank you,

Hi Nicolas,

Mongo support is almost feature complete. Jettro is working on the Mongo Saga Repository, which is the last missing piece in Mongo support.
AMQP is in an earlier stage. Spring-AMQP support was easy to build and is available. I still plan to create a non Spring-dependent AMQPCluster. That’s not as easy as creating a channel and configuring a listener on it; it must also be resilient to connection failures.

If you have time to implement it, you’re most welcome to do so. Let me know, so that I can get you started on the design concepts I have in mind.



Hi Nicolas,
we are in the middle of migrating the Mongo event store and saga store to axon 2.0. I’ll do my best to create a branch with the code this week. That way you can have a look and see if you can suggest/make improvements.

regards Jettro