Mongo fix for Apple Silicon


I tried to run the GitHub - gklijs/graphql_axon_synapse: Example how to leverage synapse for building a GraphQL endpoint with Deno. app on Apple Silicon and run into an issue where Mongo won’t start up as the docker image referenced in docker-compose.yml does not support the platform.

I would like to submit a PR with instructions on how to overcome that, but don’t have access to the repo. Should I post a patch here as an attachment in case anyone else runs into this problem?

Hi Vladimir, you should be able to create a fork in GitHub, add the commit there, and create a PR. I don’t have access to a Mac myself, so I can’t test it. It would be really nice if it the demo also runs easily on Macs.

Looking forward to the PR, please reach out if you encounter any problems.

Duh! Forgot about submitting PR via a fork. Submitted.


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