Mongo Event Store

Hello community,

I playing with Mongo Event Store incubator feature in 1.2-SNAPSHOT.

And I have a question about indexes.

In org.axonframework.eventstore.mongo.EventEntry

     * Mongo object representing the index Events in Mongo.
    public static final BasicDBObject INDEX = new BasicDBObject

Do we ever need to search by the serialized event? If no then does the
SERIALIZED_EVENT_PROPERTY part of the index help in any way?

Would not it be better to create this?

    public static final BasicDBObject INDEX = new BasicDBObject

Oh, by the way, MongoDB V2 is out and it has lots of bug fixes.
For example, MongoDB V1.8 screwed up the indexes that MongoEventStore

Feels like you are correct, I am going to check it this week-end.

regards Jettro

Sorry, I need a bit more time to fix this the right way. I am not completely sure what it should be. Get back to you as soon as possible.

regards Jettro

the fix is applied in the 2.0-SNAPSHOT. I was just a day late for the 1.2 release :frowning:

regards Jettro

Thanks anyway, I'll use the diff on my local files for now.

I understood Allard back ported it to the 1.2 SNAPSHOT as well

regards Jettro