Migrating DeadlineManager Quartz to DbScheduler

I have been wanting to get rid of Quartz for a while. As Axon now has support for DbScheduler for deadlines, is there any guidance how it would be possible to migrate existing Quartz triggers to Db-Scheduler. I have over ~3000 active deadlines all the time and I need these migrated.

Would appreciate if anyone has tried to do it or has some advice.

I don’t if anyone tried. The easiest would probably to deploy the updated app using Db-scheduler first. Then run a ‘job migration app’ that get the active jobs from Quartz and put them in Db-scheduler. For that to work it does need to be in the correct format, so you need to use some classes used for serialization from the framework.

I can imagine more people that want to migrate. So maybe we can build something with the Framework team, but there are no plans for that currently.

Of course if you build such a tool we would like to here it.