Micrometer metrics

Hello everyone! What does the micrometer metrics axon framework “eventStore_successTimer_seconds_count” and etc. mean?

I am also looking for some documentation around the micrometer metrics generated with axon framework 4.7 / Spring Boot 3 - it will be helpful to understand the meaning of each metric in-order to fully utilize them, else it is a guess work. Please share if these are documented somewhere, I did my best to look around, though couldn’t find any. Thank you for your help.

Hi @andgav and @Deepak_Chaudhary, and welcome to the forum!

Currently, we do not have a dedicated page showing all the metrics collected by Axon-based applications.
If anything, your starting point for understanding how monitoring works should be the Reference Guide.
And more specifically, the Monitoring and Metrics section.

The successTimer you’re referring to, @andgav, originates from the MessageTimerMonitor.
The JavaDoc for that can be found here.
As the name suggests, it maintains the overall time of successful, failed, and ignored messages.

Furthermore, as this metric’s eventStore prefix suggests, it is attached to the EventStore you have configured to use.
In this case, specifically, the metrics are about publishing events to components connected to the EventStore.
Although this may sound off, as an event store is used for storing instead of publishing, it is good to know that the EventStore interface implements the EventBus interface.

On top of that, the EventBus does publish events to Event Handlers.
Specifically to SubscribingEventProcessor instances (docs for those are here).

Although I agree some page documenting all monitors present for Micrometer and DropWizard Metrics (Axon Framework supports both), I cannot dedicate our efforts in that area right away.
For this, I would like to apologize to both of you.

To ascertain the developers at AxonIQ do not forget to go through this effort somewhere in the future, I have created the following issue.
And, @Deepak_Chaudhary, be sure to open new threads if you require info about different metrics.
If more thorough support is needed for you and your team, know that that can be arranged.