MessageHandlerLookup conflicts with LoadTimeWeaver

I ran into a situation where MessageHandlerLookup that is loaded as part of org.axonframework.springboot.autoconfig.InfraConfiguration is messing my LoadTimeWeaver logic as a number of Java Classes are not weaved properly. Specifically this method below is causing the issues.

Wonder if anyone ran into the situation and if there is an easy workaround/fix for this.

Thank you!

public void postProcessBeanFactory(@Nonnull ConfigurableListableBeanFactory beanFactory) throws BeansException {
    if (!(beanFactory instanceof BeanDefinitionRegistry)) {
        logger.warn("Given bean factory is not a BeanDefinitionRegistry. Cannot auto-configure message handlers");

    for (MessageHandlerConfigurer.Type value : MessageHandlerConfigurer.Type.values()) {
        String configurerBeanName = "MessageHandlerConfigurer$$Axon$$" +;
        if (beanFactory.containsBeanDefinition(configurerBeanName)) {
  "Message handler configurer already available. Skipping configuration");

        List<String> found = messageHandlerBeans(value.getMessageType(), beanFactory);
        if (!found.isEmpty()) {
            List<String> sortedFound = sortByOrder(found, beanFactory);
            AbstractBeanDefinition beanDefinition =
            ((BeanDefinitionRegistry) beanFactory).registerBeanDefinition(configurerBeanName, beanDefinition);