Maxima AxonIQ Discussion

I was able to launch Gift card application and run it locally. In traditional way application post data and store it in DB with AxonIQ you introduced a Axon server,

  1. what’s the purpose of introducing middleware Axon server in between
  2. what’s the advantage of adding Axion server to developer and business
    looking forward to get the response.

Hi Tushar,

It’s important to know Axon Server is both an event store and a message router.

As event store it has certain advantages over other implementations. It’s a lot faster, even with few events, and it stays fast, no matter how many events you have. It’s also easy to use multiple contexts with Axon Server.

As message router, it’s easy to setup compared to some other solutions. Applications just need to connect to Axon Server, which routes the messages to the right instance. For query message routing Axon Server is the only option. Having a distributed router makes it possible to easily scale. It makes sure commands are routed based on the aggregate identifier, making concurrency issues handling commands less likely. It also enables scatter-gatter queries where you can combine the result from multiple services.