Legacy integration with 'pure' events

Hi, I’m adding some smaller ‘axon’ed’ microservices to an existing system. My core app doens’t have axon integrated doesn’t do too much DDD at this point but the new apps do need to be aware so some things that happen. Most of the Axon examples center around full integration. In my case, I need the ‘older’ app so simply publish some key events to the shared event store. Is this a viable approach?

Hi Erich,

I am not sure I fully understand what you’re trying to achieve. Generally, the choice of using CQRS or not is not one that has to be made for an entire application. It is perfectly possible to use CQRS for one component, and “plain” CRUD for another. If you want a legacy application to integrate with an Axon based application (or any other event based application), it is perfectly fine to do that using events. If your means of communicating is through the Event Store, then it sounds reasonable to publish the events there.