Kafka consumer error

I have one error same this

do have an example project?

First and foremost, I think your request is kind of blunt, @zeynab :wink:
Then again, the Axon Framework team does have a sample attached to the Kafka Extension that you can use if you like.

You can find that sample here, together with the extension’s code.

I have seen you have been relatively active the last couple of weeks, which is awesome! I hope you find the usage of Axon’s components exciting and pleasant.
However, I do want to point out that the AxonIQ team replies to the forum on a best-effort basis.
If you need more structural support or guidance, I would want to point out our Academy for training and that we provide dedicated support if required. For the latter, the contact form on this page would be most practical.

No requirement to use either, of course, but it may just make things a lot easier and more efficient for you :slight_smile: