JVM performance and profiling with Axon


I have been attempting to profile our JVM (Java 8) while running Axon to try and decide if the performance we are seeing is normal/acceptable for the load we are putting on it, or if there is something amiss. The general concern is that its looking like we need a heap size of 750MB, and that sometimes when we put the application under heavy load it will stall out for a few seconds before resuming processing. (We are interacting with the application via a REST api, so the “stall out” is that we do not get any response from any request for a matter of seconds).

Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly what I am or should be looking for when it comes to profiling an Axon app (and I am still getting proficient with profiling the JVM in general), and was wondering if anyone has any basic Axon profiling information to share, such as:

JVM parameters
heap dumps
heap sizes

I am putting enough load on the app that the EmbeddedEventStore always hits it 10,000 reference limit.

I am not sure what information will make it easier to answer my question. So, a basic rundown of the architecture we are using is:

Spring Boot 2.x
Axon 4.1

MySQL 5.6 for persistence
Hibernate for ORM
AsynchronousCommandBus for command bus

TrackingEventProcessor for event processing

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Spring Boot Actuator provides dependency management and auto-configuration for Micrometer (https://micrometer.io/)

Axon supports Micrometer and you should be able to find some good example explained in this blog post (by Marijn van Zelst): https://sharing.luminis.eu/blog/axon-metrics-with-spring-boot-2-prometheus-grafana/

Source code: https://github.com/luminis-ams/axon-metrics-example

I hope this helps !