Jgroups on Azure

Hi all,

Anybody have experience on setup Distributed Command Bus on Azure VMs (same subnet) using Jgroups?


Hi and welcome here @Toan_Tran_Tuong !

I noticed there was no response to your question in what may be seen as “long time” and I thought I’ll reach our with a piece of advice if you don’t mind.

It’s likely that there are not too many people out there having exactly the same scenario you have. And those who do, may not be here or may be too busy to get involved in what appears to be an invitation for a long discussion. If your intention was to ask if this is at all doable before you jump into trying it yourself, I’d suggest to rephrase the question this way. If you are already working on it and there are issues, it would be better to be more specific about what is it that you do, what is working and what is not.

In general the less readers have to guess what the asker has in mind (and what hidden intention there may be), the higher the chance to get a response. My apologies if this sounds like me lecturing you. I’m just trying to help you get the best of this community.

I wish you lots of good luck and success with your projects!

As @milendyankov pointed out, I guess there aren’t that many people who are having the same scenario as you are in @Toan_Tran_Tuong.

At any note, setting up JGroups on Azure shouldn’t be any different than setting it up on a local machine I’d presume. I’d recommend checking out Axon’s Reference Guide on the subject here and give it a try.

If you encounter any follow up questions based on the shared description, I’d recommend replying on this thread for further help.