Java Axon migration from 2.4.2 version to 4.0.3

Good day,

I’m trying to migrate an app that uses Axon framework v.2.4.2 jumping two major versions to 4.0.3.- possibly in 2 steps (2->3, 3->4).

The app also uses Spring.

Our application uses Axon in pretty simple way - just using Aggregates, EventHandlers and @EventSourcingHandlers.

How do I go about doing it?

I’ve found the following post: Is there any specific way for Axon migration from 2.4.3 version to 3.1.1, and dribs and drabs of posts on the this forum, but no guides.

Sadly, most axon migration guides and documentation referenced in these sources is obsolete or have been removed.

Are there any migration guides still alive out there? Also, which approach is better - migrating in one go or in two steps? Could someone with Axon experience please share their sources or insights?

Hi Nestor,

I’ve noticed that you’ve posted this exact question on Stack Overflow as well (here to be exact).
Let’s continue the conversation about migrating from Axon 2 to 4 over there if you’re okay with that. :slight_smile:


Steven van Beelen

Axon Framework Lead Developer