Issues reading events from RabbitMQ queue on Axon 4.0

Using Axon 4.0 and AMQP 4.0.M2 with spring boot 2.x. I am trying to read events from an AMQP queue.


public class RabbitConfig {

    public SpringAMQPMessageSource myQueueMessageSource(Serializer serializer) {
        return new SpringAMQPMessageSource(serializer) {

            @RabbitListener(queues = "myEventQueue")
            public void onMessage(Message message, Channel channel) {
                log.debug("Event Received: {}");

                log.debug("Event Received: {}", message);
                super.onMessage(message, channel);






I debugged the onMessage method and when a new message comes in, the eventProcessors list is always empty, so the message isn't processed by my application.

What am I missing out?