Is there any disadvantage using SimpleQueryBus instead of AxonServerQueryBus?

Behind the demand is the migration to java17. I had a lot of trouble to realize that. First of all I switched from xstream to jackson serializer for messages and keep xstream for the events, after writing own converter for some classes and configuring jackson I get rid of all error messages except for a new one an AsyncTimeoutException. It seems this exception is related to the query-bus. After hours with no success to resolve this issue, I switched to the SimpleQueryBus and it works. But the question is is there any disadvantages to use the SimpleQueryBus or have I pay attention of something by using that?


The SimpleQueryBus works within a single JVM, whereas the AxonServerQueryBus allows you to send and receive queries between different JVM instances.
Differently put, you’d be removing the possibility to send a query from node A to node B entirely by removing the SimpleQueryBus.

Perhaps we can find a solution to the AsyncTimeoutException you’re facing.
Can you elaborate on where this issue originated and how this combines with JDK17?
I know of several users that have moved their Axon Framework applications to JDK17 (also some internal to AxonIQ) that still use the AxonServerQueryBus.

Apart from that, I understand the trouble XStream causes with migrating to JDK17…
We will most certainly make rigorous changes in a future major release of Axon Framework to make things more friendly for the end user. My apologies for any trouble it may have caused you.

Hi @Steven_van_Beelen

thanks for explaining. The AsnycTimeoutException combines not with jdk17, also happens with jdk11. The problem was a wrong configuration of jackson, I added a copy of the object mapper solved this issue. My final messageSerializer bean:

public Serializer messageSerializer(ObjectMapper mapper) {
    ObjectMapper _mapper = mapper.copy();
           Hibernate5Module m = new Hibernate5Module();
           // I hoped that line would solve the problem with the lazy loaded deserialize error, but it does not
    _mapper.activateDefaultTyping(_mapper.getPolymorphicTypeValidator(), ObjectMapper.DefaultTyping.NON_CONCRETE_AND_ARRAYS);
    return JacksonSerializer.builder()

But was followed was a lazy loaded deserialize error. For example in my projection class exists a QueryHandler like that:

public CollectionModel<CarParkResponse> handle(ListCarParks query) {
    if (query.getFilter().isPresent()) {
        Pageable request = Pagination.of(query.getFilter().get());
        return assembler.setExpand(query.getExpand()).toCollectionModel(carParkService.carparks(request, Pagination.getFilter()));
    return assembler.setExpand(query.getExpand()).toCollectionModel(carParkService.carparks());

And the RepresentationModelAssmbler had before lazy loaded the expands like this way:

public CarParkResponse toModel(@NotNull CarParkView entity) {
    CarParkResponse model = instantiateModel(entity);


    if (expand.contains("templates")) {


    return model;

I don’t know why this Code worked before with xtream as messageSerializer and not with jackson.
I removed the Hibernate.initialize part and changed it to that what works for me:

if (expand.contains("templates")) {

With that the project is completely migrated to jdk17 and use the AxonServerQueryBus again :slight_smile:

Thanks and Regards

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Happy to hear you managed to solve the predicament, @BKlemm :+1:
Let us know if you have any other issues in the future; we’ll gladly help out.