Is it possible to register multiple kafkapublisher?

i have one instance that have lots event.
several events can be issued in one topic, but I want to issue one event in one topic.

so i think i need multiple kafkapublisher.

how to make multiple kafka pulisher?

or are there other ways to meet the requirements?

i saw the topic resolver, but I can’t use it because it’s from 4.6.

It should not be that long before we release 4.6.0. Actually you could try the snapshot version, 4.6.0-SNAPSHOT to try it out.

@gklijs thank you to reply!

@gklijs can i ask one more thing? how could i use snapshot? i can’t see that in maven central.

I think you mean snapshots of aggregates? That’s not supported, nor do I think that would be smart to do with Kafka.
As in that case we would need to read all the snapshots from Kafka, and keep them in memory and/or do something like Kafka Streams with RocksDB for example.

@gklijs sorry about my short english skills. i mean 4.6.0-SNAPSHOT to try to use multiple topics.

i can’t use this by implementation "org.axonframework.extensions.kafka:axon-kafka-spring-boot-starter:4.6.0-SNAPSHOT"

You probably need to add something like:


That is, assuming you got an error with something like “can’t find dependency”.

@gklijs thank you very much!!