Installation of the AddressBook sample

I am a newbie in this world…is there a way to download and install the addressbook sample in trunk. I downloaded to Eclipse with addressbook as project in eclipse…asking for parent sample folder pom…just want to see if there is a simple way to run maven in eclipse, do run as and then debug using breakpoints to walk through the code flow…may there is a better way to do this.


you should be able to download the sources and build the sample jar using the following command:

mvn package -Pwith-samples

If you have a Flex SDK installed, it will automatically build the flex sample (the build profile looks for the FLEX_HOME environment variable). Otherwise, it will just build the default web UI. I am working hard on getting the 0.7 released before the end of the year. So the 0.7 sample will be out soon, too.

I can’t help you with Eclipse related issues. I haven’t used Eclipse for 3 years now. I know there is a maven plugin for eclipse.