Initiate saga from a Non-Aggregate (eventGateway)

I am very new to axon. I have the following query. I am running 2 micro-services viz Payment and Order using Cassandra as an Event Store and Kafka . From the
payment micro-service. I am dispatching an event from eventGateway

    public class OrderEventHandler {
        private EventGateway eventGateway;
        public void createOrder() {
            OrderCreatedEvent orderCreatedEvent = new OrderCreatedEvent("orderId",

Also, I have configured the sagaStore and repository components

 public interface SagaViewRepository extends CassandraRepository<SagaView, String> {


public CassandraSagaStore sagaStoreStore() {
    return  CassandraSagaStore(...);

How do I listen the above event in SagaEvent Listener present in Order microservice. Below is the implementation

    public class OrderManagementSaga {

        private transient CommandGateway commandGateway;

        @SagaEventHandler(associationProperty = "orderId")
        public void handle(OrderCreatedEvent orderCreatedEvent){
            //Saga invoked;

Any hints in the are much appreciated :slight_smile:
Thank You.


This is answered here

Thanks for linking to the StackOverflow answer I’ve provided @Dhaval_naik. That will give other attendees of the forum sufficient info to figure out the solution. :slight_smile: