Implementing snapshot with springboot 2.3.3 and axon 4.4.2

Hello mates,

can anyone suggest any tutorial/sample project for Implementing Snapshot in AXON 4.4.2 with springBoot 2.3.3.

i went through the documentation( and did below:
The AxonConfig.class

I reply on stackoverflow already, but let me copy-paste also here, so we will not have thread with no answer.

unfortunately we have no sample demo ready to show in this case.

From your code snippet looks that all is in place. Maybe there is some other configuration that is taking over your annotation.

To give a try, I applied your configuration to our

First note that can guide is the following

Here the piece of code, instead, to have this configured as a Bean

public Repository<GiftCard> giftCardRepository(EventStore eventStore, SnapshotTriggerDefinition giftCardSnapshotTrigger) {
return EventSourcingRepository.builder(GiftCard.class)

public SpringAggregateSnapshotterFactoryBean snapshotter() {
var springAggregateSnapshotterFactoryBean = new SpringAggregateSnapshotterFactoryBean();
//Setting async executors
return springAggregateSnapshotterFactoryBean;

public SnapshotTriggerDefinition giftCardSnapshotTriggerDefinition(Snapshotter snapshotter) {
return new EventCountSnapshotTriggerDefinition(snapshotter, 10);

You can check that your snapshot is working fine looking at client log : after 10 events on the same agggregateId, you should find this info log entry
o.a.a.c.event.axon.AxonServerEventStore : Snapshot created

To check you can use the REST api to retrieve the events from an aggregate
curl -X GET "http://localhost:8024/v1/events?aggregateId=A01"
This will produce a stream containing events starting from the latest Snapshot: you will have nine events listed until the tenth event will be processed. After that, the endpoint will list events from the snapshot.

You can also check /actuator/health endpoint: it will shows the last snapshot token if the showDetails is enabled (enabled by default in EE, not enabled by default in SE).