How to use axon with spring cloud in a micro services system.

I have a micro services system, 5 or 6 services. And I want to modify it with event sourcing architect on Axon.

I saw the part of distributed command bus and event but in the doc, but I still don’t understand very well. Can anyone tell me the big picture about implementing axon in spring cloud system. Like how to configure command bus, event bus, MQ, and how to config datasource. How the event stores in micro service, and how the aggregate object generated from that.

Or, is there any example project for that?


Hi Mavlarn,

That’s quite an extensive answer you’re looking for, with sadly not a simple answer to it, as it always ‘depends’.
For starters, I’d suggest checking some of the video’s we’ve got up on the AxonIQ YouTube channel, as we’ve got some tutorials on there and also user experience presentations from our most recent conference.

For an example project, you could stay tuned for the Axon-Trader project over on GitHub.
We’re going through the process of updating this example project to follow our suggested best practices, and make it ready to be able to run distributed (very likely in a Spring environment).

That said, both do not necessarily give you the answer you’re looking for directly.
The reference guide should also provides you with an explanation how to configure a DistributedCommandBus for a multi node system, set up a message queue to publish events and so on.

That’s my two cents.


Hi Mavlarn,

Just to add: we’ll also be doing a live coding webinar on the topic of building a microservices system with Axon and Spring, more info here:—microservices-with-axon-platform—live-coding-webinar

Kind regards,