How to reset events

In reference guide Axon Server SE - Axon Reference Guide
there is short info about possiblity of resetting events via UI , cli or rest api.
But I could not find any command in cli docs nor rest endpoint in swagger, nor ui
Could you guide me how to reset events?

First you should make sure Axon server is started in dev mode. This can be done in several ways, for example by using docker compose and set the correct environment variable like:

    image: axoniq/axonserver:4.6.7
    hostname: axonserver
      - '8024:8024'
      - '8124:8124'

If that’s done, is possible to call delete to http://localhost:8024/v1/devmode/purge-events to purge the events. There is also a button in the UI, Reset Event Store:

I hope this was helpful.