How to fix AXONIQ-2000 error


Is there a better way to fix an aggregate with the bellow problem?

Exception was org.axonframework.commandhandling.CommandExecutionException, OUT_OF_RANGE: [AXONIQ-2000] Invalid sequence number 369 for aggregate ba796622d87b6ed4ee19b2f5373fdf45, expected 368.

Rodrigo Castilho

Hi Rodrigo,

does the problem reoccur at each command for this aggregate, or does it occur just once every now and then?
There was an issue in AxonFramework where it created a snapshot too early in the unit of work. That made it possible for a Snapshot to be stored, but the events that formed that snapshots to be rolled back. This has been fixed in 4.3.4.

To recover from this issue, it’s most likely easiest to remove the snapshots files from AxonServer. There are other approaches if that’s not feasible, though.

Kind regards,

Allard Buijze

Hi Allard,

This problem occurred after activation of snapshots for some aggregations and I’m using version 4.3.3.

I’ll update to 4.3.4.

Thank you,
Rodrigo Castilho