How to decide my CommandBus name 、EventBus name and QueryBus when I use axon-metrics

Hi my friend,
i want to use axon-metrics in my project, bellow is some configure code:

 GlobalMetricRegistry globalMetricRegistry = new GlobalMetricRegistry(this.meterRegistry);

But it do not work. Is it “eventBus” / “commandBus” / “queryBus” wrong?
Besides, I inject *Bus components by spring annotation @Autowired, how i known those name or other suggestion for me ?
Thank you.

additional remark, my service address “” donot have any metric been found.

If you want to use Axon’s metrics solution, the most straightforward solution is to simply add the dependencies to the classpath.

From your first question I notice you’re using Spring. I thus assume you are using Spring Boot as well.
Axon’s auto-configuration will automatically set all the default MessageMonitor instances for you. On all infrastructure components provided by Axon, actually.

So, you shouldn’t be required to use the GlobalMetricRegistry, actually! If you do want to customize the monitor configuration, it’s better to use the Configurer#configureMessageMonitor(Class<?>, Function<Configuration, MessageMonitor<Message<?>>>) method. If you do this, be sure to register them to your MetricRegistry though.