How to configure multiple upcasters


We figured out how to configure a chain of event upcasters (thanks, René de Waele). But that is a chain to be executed on several versions of a single event type, right?

How can we configure multiple (chains of) event upcasters? Or is one upcaster class supposed to be able to upcast every event type that needs to?


Hi Eric,

you would have a single chain, through which all Events will pass. Each upcaster in the chain will convert a single version of a single event to the next version. Events of other types are ignored and passed up the chain as-is. This way, you would only ever have to build an upcaster for the events that changed in a release, and then only for that specific change. You would add these upcasters to the end of the chain.

Hope that helps.


Ah! I’m gonna try that out. Thanks!