how to combine GWT and Axon

I want to know how to combine GWT and Axon?

In the server side,I dispatch a command named CreateBeanCommand,it
will persist the bean in our datebase.meanwhile,I hope client side
(GWT) can handle the CreateBeanCommand ,fire the grid of GWT reload
these data.

Can GWT inherit Axon module?

thanks in advance

Generally, I see Axon as a typical application concern, completely independent of the UI. GWT, on the other hand, is a UI concern, which should be completely independent of application logic.

I have built do (completely different) GWT applications using Axon. Both implementations use the GWT-provided servlet to implement services that are called from GWT code. On the server side, these services perform queries and/or send out commands. In some cases, we have uses a more generic “CommandService” which takes a command from the UI directly, and forwards it to the command bus.

So there is currently no Axon module for GWT. Although it sounds nice to make a seamless connection between UI code and the backend (by providing a commandbus and eventbus in the UI, for example), I doubt if that is an abstract that you overall application will benefit from. Clearly separating the UI from the application just sounds too much of a good idea to me :wink:



Thanks Allard ,I noticed that Axon example “axon-addressbook-flexui-
war-1.0” have implemented a similar “command mechanism”,

The documentation say:

With the Axon Framework, events are available in all corners of your
application. Since the sample uses a rich client, it is configured to
listen to events, too. Open up two browser windows with the
application. Add a contact in one, and watch the other window. It will
update instantaneously.

While I am new to flex and don't understand its codes.