How to auto initialize context with 2023.1.0?

I’m running a new Axon Server via docker-compose. In previous versions, the standard edition was initialized automatically. However, with the 2023.1.0 version, I have to initialize a single node via UI manually.

Is there an option to avoid this step?

There are properties you can set to make Axon Server initialize itself immediately on first start. These are:

You can add these to the or add them as environment properties.

We will also evaluate how to improve this workflow in future releases.

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Thank you. It makes perfect sense after reviewing the old EE version documentation about auto-clustering. Tnx again, it works great :tada:

If you are looking to improve the workflow, I think it will be enough just to include small sections with appropriate configurations for running in the standard and enterprise modes in the docker hub image description. Since previously I didn’t work with the EE version, I was unfamiliar with those properties.


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Hey Stefan,

What does: axoniq.axonserver.autocluster.first= do exactly?

I only see you message now, this property is for marking a first node of a cluster (main node) that other nodes should connect to to form a cluster.

We are working on this issue and hope to release a patch soon, you can follow the discussion and progress here: It appears that you have a fresh installation. How would you like to initialize this node? · Issue #654 · AxonIQ/axon-server-se · GitHub

We have released 2023.1.1 with a change to simplify this and resolve issue:

2023.1.1 Update:
To simplify initialization of Axon Server, it now supports a new property “axoniq.axonserver.standalone=true”. When this property is set on a clean Axon Server instance it initializes the server with a “default” context.