How implement CommandHandler Distributed invocation?

Help to solve the problem, Give some concrete examples.

Hi @Vinson

can you please be more specific? Can you explain what is it that you are trying to achieve? What have you tried? What information you couldn’t find? What is not working as expected?

sorry. I mean how use jgroups implement axon CommandHandler cross-machine call. please provide example for me. thanks.

From the scarce piece of information you’ve provided, I assume what you are trying to achieve is the following:

  • On machine M1 you have an application A1 which sends a command.
  • On machine M2 you have an application A2 which should receive and handle that command.

If that is the case you can

  1. Install and run Axon Server on a machine that is accessible from both M1 and M2 (here is how)
  2. Configure both applications A1 and A2 to connect to it (by setting axon.axonserver.servers=<HOST>:<PORT> property)
  3. Implement a CommandHandler in A2 (here is how)
  4. Send commands that A2 can handle from A1 app (here is how)

I hope this helps. If not, please describe the issue you have in more details.