How do you like the AxonIQ Initializr?

We at AxonIQ have put quite some effort into making the new birthplace of any Axon-based applications. Of course, we did a lot of playing around ourselves, and we are happy with it. Sure, we have additions in our mind to further improve a generated Axon application, which we will work on in the months to come.

What’s paramount to move the AxonIQ Initializr further is hearing your opinion too!
So if you can spare some time and click the poll below, that would be very helpful.

  • I like it!
  • I like it, but I think you can add…
  • I do not like it, because I expected…
  • I do not like it.

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If you are looking for additions or expected something else from the initializr, please provide us with a reply. Any recommendations are much appreciated!

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Hi Steven,

On the spring initializr, there’s an ‘explore’ button that allows you to view the pom, which I think is a useful feature because usually you just want to copy & paste parts of it into your existing project. I think it would be a useful feature here, especially as the code part is pretty much the same every time anyway.

The dependencies buttons are also a bit slow to respond for me at the moment.


Here is some feedback:

  • I second @Rik_Ende 's idea of having an ‘explore’ button.
  • Each description for an Axon component starts with a bit such as, ‘Provides Axon Framework’/‘Provides Axon Test’. These are quite redundant given what is provided is shown in the title anyway. I would recommend to remove this and have descriptions match the same style of description for the Spring components.
  • Consider adding the latest Java version in addition to the LTS versions - so Java 8, 11 and 16. Once 17 is released then it would be the latest version (and an LTS version) so you could remove 16.

Overall it is really nice and a welcome offering!

I was unaware of the BOM and will use it in the future :slight_smile: