how do you correct the data in your event?

Hi guys,
Sometimes a defect in you application may cause the some events have wrong data (or some field missing value).What will you do to correct it?

Possible solutions i found is :
1.make a new event to fix the error (kind of compensat)
2.write an event upcaster to correct the value
3.correct the event by change the event itself.

For me I prefer the last one.

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it really all depends on how sacred the event store is. If it is used for auditing, you really don’t want to change any events. Option 1 is really the only way to go.

Option 2 is only really feasible if the problem is easy to define and recognize. You don’t want to be building an upcaster that checks the ID of an event and then changes some of the information.

Personally, I would go for the first option, as it is the only solution that gives a true representation of facts. Occasionally, though, I have found myself to accept option 3 for very simple and obvious changes. I use option 2 only for structural changes.

Hope that helps.


Hi Allard,
Thanks for the reply.

We decide to choose option 3 cause it is some simple and obvious changes.