Help me learn CQRS + EventStore

Hi there,

I am a novice programmer and interested in learning Java with CQRS and Event Store.
I tried googling to find any tutorials that would walk me through this and did not find any.
Please, let me know how to start and learn these concepts or point me to any tutorial that would teach.

All your help is appreciated in advance.


Hi Sid,

Here are some things you can look at to get a feel of what everything Axon is:

  • Reading the reference guide is always a good start.
  • The AxonIQ YouTube channel has some videos around the topic which explain things
  • This recording of a conference talk contains live coding a basic Axon 4.0 application.
  • You can also have a look at this Baeldung page to have a start at Axon.
  • And of course, the training is the best spot to get all the information and ask as many question as you can.

Hope this gets you going Sid!


Thanks, Steve. Your help is much appreciated and all those links are very resourceful.

Search for Allard webminars on YouTube.

Maybe this samples may help you:

I wrote for a code challenge 2 possible solutions to the same simple problem: a credit card CRUD app (see the README files in github)

  1. Traditional stacked layer micro-service


I included two very simple UI I wrote for the demonstration.

One in Angular for the stacked layer and the other one in Vaadin (websockets)

Maybe you can better visualize the 2 approaches.