Generated security password

When running Axon Server 4.5.11 I get the following log message:

2022-04-22 22:05:19.824  WARN 33124 --- [           main] .s.s.UserDetailsServiceAutoConfiguration : 

Using generated security password: 3302a1f2-fed6-407b-8e3d-ad4a69538941

This generated password is for development use only. Your security configuration must be updated before running your application in production.

I’m guessing this is new because I never saw it when running previous Axon Server versions.

Is there a specific point in the docs which explain more about it?
Or release notes?


This message is logged when you run Axon Server without access control enabled. In the 4.5.11 release of Axon Server we have updated the Spring version that is used internally and now it is showing this message, as it sees that Spring Security is included.
You can ignore this message, or if you want to get rid of it you can configure a password in the file by specifying a value for the property “”. The password that you specify will not be used anywhere.