Flyway with Axon framework

We have been using flyway in our environments (AWS EKS). I got to use the flyway to create the tables (like sagas, tokens related table) required in axon framework. Do we have some DDLs which I can use for the tables creation (required for axon framework implementation). Also just for additional information, I am using postgres sql database and we are implementing the Saga orchestration using Axon Framework and axon server. So for this purpose I need to have the DDLs of tables required for smooth running of axon framework based service and axon server in order to execute Saga transactions.

Or If someone has running code which is using flyway to create tables for the axon framework, then that would also be very very helpful.

I’m using Flyway in my showcase-quarkus-eventsourcing. It also contains a custom database Schema. It is based on Quarkus (Microprofile) so it might not be directly what you’re looking for…

Thanks so much @JohT for your advice. Sorry for late reply as I got busy with solution that I designed for flyway for me. I looked at the schemas definition you shared, it worked as I also extracted it form my local logs before using it. With you code help I was able to compare my findings were correct… :slight_smile:

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