Finished Axon Auction Example basic configuration

Hi all,

I finally finished the basic configuration for the Axon Auction

- New Maven Project "auction-infrastructure" for starting ActiveMQ +
DerbyDB together
- Command Server and Query Server are now connected using JMS
- First DAO for the Query Server implemented

Next step is to start implementing more use cases.

Feedback welcome.


Sorry, forgot the link:

- Constraint check on the Command Server:
- Local SubEtha SMTP server
- Comand Server now sends a welcome email using a velocity template:
- Simple example registering, changing password and verifying the
email address:
- Wiki page explaining how to get started:

what is org.fuin.objects4j and where can i get it?

what is org.fuin.objects4j and where can i get it?

It's a small library I developed to collect common value types and to
have strong typing instead of using strings.It uses Bean Validation
(JSR-303 - javax.validation) for validating the object's attributes.
This is done in the constructor (you can't create an invalid object
using the constructor) and it's also possible to validate deserialized
objects as they may always contain invalid values.

It's really tiny for now but I will add more stuff when the example is