FilteringEventStorageEngine and AxonDB

We are trying to filter out an event which we no longer wish to process. The recommended method seems to be to use a FilteringEventStorageEngine in the following way:

 public void configureEventStorageEngine(Configurer configurer) {
    EventStorageEngine delegate = ...; 
configurer.configureEmbeddedEventStore(c -> new FilteringEventStorageEngine(delegate, em -> em instanceof DomainEventMessage));

What we’re not sure of is how to delegate to the AxonDB event store we’re using.
Could somebody please provide an example of how to do this or point me in the direction of some documentation?


Hi Charlotte,

The EventStorageEngine is a component specific for the EmbeddedEventStore. Currently, you can ignore events by using upcasters (upcasting them to empty events). Furthermore, in Axon 4, we are changing how Axon deals with unknown/unsupported payloads. It will still pass the messages around, but using a special payload type, instead of failing with an exception (when reading an event stream for an aggregate).

Hope this helps.