Fill in the Java Ecosystem Survey 2021 and tell them you use Axon Framework

Hi foks,

as you may be aware, every once in a while some nice folks at some respectful company will do some sort of “state of JVM ecosystem report”. The next in line (as far as I know) that is currently collecting data is the one from SNYK and Azul: JVM Ecosystem survey 2021 To quote the authors “It is a small, 10 question survey that requires only 3 minutes of your time”.

If you can spend 3 min, please do it. If you do, please pay attention to question nr 8 “Which frameworks do you use?” and if you do use Axon Framework please make sure to let them know.

To be honest I have no idea if the report will contain the answers submitted as “Other”. Never the less if you are happy with Axon Framework please help spread the word. Who knows, if enough people point it out, perhaps next survey will have it on their list.

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