Events not getting read from different context despite of adding MultiStreamableMessageSource

I have microservice A connected to context A, and microservice B connected to context B. I published an event from microservice A and wrote the eventHandler in microservice B to handle the event. I have added the MultiStreamableMessageSource in the configration file of microservice B as follows:

public MultiStreamableMessage buildMulti(EventStore eventstore){
StreamablezMessageSource<TrackedEventMessage<?>> microA=((AxonServerEventSTore)eventstore).createStreamableMessageSourceForContext("cntxtA"); StreamablezMessageSource> microB=((AxonServerEventSTore)eventstore).createStreamableMessageSourceForContext(“cntxtB”);
return MultiStreamableMessageSource.builder()

even though this is added microservice B is not reading the event.

Hi @madhurima, do you have the tracking event processor configured to use this MultiStreamableMessageSource?