Events are not processed after axon server restart

Hello guys. I am newby in Axon Server, so please help me to find out the root cause of problem. I am working on microservices architecture and have such problem on services which use posgresql DB. After axon server restarted our event handlers do not catch any events. Everything continue working when we remove records from token_entry table, and all events which were published earlier start processing. No errors on service and Axon Server sides. We are using axon spring boot starter 4.9.0 version, have such config for token store

    public TokenStore tokenStore(EntityManagerProvider entityManagerProvider, Serializer serializer) {
        return JpaTokenStore.builder()

and for tracking event processor

    public void configure(EventProcessingConfigurer configurer) {
                config -> TrackingEventProcessorConfiguration.forSingleThreadedProcessing()

Any help would be appreciated

It could happen if you ran your application previously against another instance of Axon Server using the same tokenentry table. In this case this table was populated with tracking tokens that correspond to another instance and have greater values.

Thank you for information. I will communicate with our devOps if it is possible. Also I will more accurately test our scenarion in order to understand if all events processing or only some of them because of greater value of token